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King Kold is a complete center-of-the-plate supplier specializing in fresh and frozen meat, poultry, and fully cooked entrees. We’ve been in this business for over three-quarters of a century, building quality, long-term relationships with distributors and food service operators.



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From tender cuts like filet mignon and ribeye to tougher cuts like chuck or brisket, beef offers a diverse range of options for culinary creations.

specialty burgers

Specialty burgers offer an opportunity to explore unique tastes and culinary creativity, allowing burger lovers to enjoy a personalized and flavorful twist on the classic hamburger.

heat & serve products

Heat and serve products provide convenience for individuals who may not have the time or cooking skills to prepare a meal from scratch. They are a quick and easy option for enjoying a variety of dishes without compromising on taste and quality.

crumbles & toppings

Meat crumbles offer a convenient way to incorporate protein into various recipes. They have a crumbly texture that allows them to mix well with other ingredients, evenly distributing flavor throughout the dish.


Pork is known for its tender texture, distinct flavor, and versatility in cooking. Whether grilled, roasted, pan-fried, or slow-cooked, pork offers a range of delicious options for different culinary dishes.


Each type of poultry has its own unique flavor and texture. Poultry is a popular choice due to its wide availability, affordability, and the range of delicious dishes in which it can be used.

side dishes & deli items

Side dishes that complement the main dish and are intended to enhance the overall dining experience by providing additional flavors, textures, and variety.

condiments & paper products

Food trays and boxes are used for packaging items like burgers, fries, pizzas, and other meals. They are designed to hold the food securely, prevent leakage, and provide convenience for take-out or delivery services. Condiments are a versatile way to customize and elevate the taste of different dishes, allowing individuals to personalize their meals according to their preferences.


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As a family owned and operated business, good relationships are essential to us. We respond to every call, personally deliver when time is of the essence, and love to get creative in developing custom offerings for our customers.